Finding a clothing store that fits your style, your body and your budget actually takes a little more thought, time and research than I anticipated. For someone who gets impatient with shopping in the first place, taking time to find these stores was not at the top of my list [does this make me less of a girl?!]. Well, I finally began my quest when I decided to ask Facebook friends for their thoughts & suggestions. After a little more research and visiting numerous stores, I have found my top 5 favorite boutiques in Dallas! (Favorite department/chain stores will be a topic in the near future). Shoutout to everyone who gave me suggestions on Facebook – this is why I’m a HUGE advocate for social media! Let’s Connect <3

Please note – I know that I’m not a stylist, fashion was not my major, and I shop with a budget in mind. Nothing is free and I work hard for my money. I’m here to share my findings with others who may be like me – wanting to find cute things at an affordable or “worth it” price 🙂

| 1 | Francesca’s

This store takes first place because it simply never lets me down. I actually am more drawn to the accessories i.e. shoes, jewelry, hand bags and home goods, but I never, I mean NEVER leave without something. My most recent fave at this store are these shoes (also in pic above) that I can wear with literally anything. Funny thing is, I didn’t pick them out. The nice girl at the store said you have to try these on. I took one look, thought hmmm… okay… I’ll try them on… just to be nice, then walked over to the mirror and it was love at first site. Ever since, I’ve been watching their site like a hawk waiting for a shoe sale. Obsessed is an understatement.

| 2 | Accents

I love the cute dresses and tops in this store. I’ve managed to only buy dresses and tops here, but every time I arrive at this store I feel inspired. I’m not a natural fashionista, and I’ll never claim to be, so I love stores that piece things together for you and make you feel as though you have a shot at this game of looking effortlessly put together. The store is very well organized and just has a refreshing atmosphere. It’s quite peaceful and I love it!

| 3 | Milk & Honey

This is one of my most recent discoveries, and every time I go here I leave feeling *almost* like a real bad bi*ch. I mean, Honey, Hello I am here and have arrived. They have really cute rompers, shoes and dresses. Not to mention they have local celebs dressing in their clothes. Whenever I save up more doll hairs, I’ll be back real soon to play. See you soon Milk & Honey | TBD.

| 4 | Gypsy Wagon

I had to list this store not because I’ve ever bought something here, but because I aspire to. I plan to go here at least three more times before making my first purchase. I gotta plan for my first purchase because girlfriend wasn’t born with an Amex linked to Daddy’s bank account. Every top I picked up was no less than $100. The jeans, the shorts, the tops, the purses, the rompers, the shoes, the jewelry, the home goods, the stationary – it was all so cute & girly yet carefree. And I will buy pieces from here, but I try to limit my visits to stores like these because as I go deeper into the store, I feel the devil prying me with his pitchfork, bringing out the gluttonous, envious female we all have to push down from time to time. #RantOver

| 5 | Upscale For Less

Do you like clothes from boutiques? Do you like paying full price for the clothes you like to buy at boutiques? This store is a hidden gem because it carries the same brands you find in boutiques, but for half, sometimes a quarter of the price. It’s set up is similar to Forever 21 in that it can be difficult to find a place to start – it’s way over-stuffed with clothes. But it’s definitely worth the trip if you want more bang for your buck. Just plan to take your time and look for something you really like.

What are your favorite Dallas boutiques? My adventure has just begun, and I look forward to hunting for more boutiques and clothing stores in Dallas. I think clothes are fun and I love to hear what other young working women like myself have found!