Nordstrom in under $100.

Nordstrom in under $100.


April Splurge: Under $100 Deals & Steals

I know this might not seem like a true deal or steal, but I promise I have an explanation for this. Just hold tight. This month I’m sharing my first discovery under the “Deals & Steals” category where I will share thoughts on what I think is worth a little splurgey-splurge! Every month, I put aside a handful of bonus cash – approximately $100 – to spend on whatever I please. Whether it be an experience or tangible item, I’ll share what my splurge is and why I think it’s worth the extra cash.

This month, I found my way to the make up aisle after spending way too many hours engulfed in make up tutorials by the wonderful make up blogger, Jaclyn Hill. After spending a little over $100 on new make up products I’d been wanting to try, I returned several items I didn’t need and held on to the ones that worked for my skin [and let’s be real – items that fit my budget].

I think it’s always a win if you can leave Nordstrom [or] without spending $100, so if you’re looking to incorporate a little spring pop of color into your normal make up routine or just feel like treating yourself, I suggest checking out these products that really make you feel pretty and renewed for spring.

*Disclaimer: I use drug store make up, including mascara, eye liner and lip gloss and have never been into throwing hard earned money at expensive name brand make up, but these brands are worth the spend in my book. The quality, wear and lasting effects are very apparent.

Bobby Brown Lip Color in Bare Pink – $24.30

This lip color is a daytime natural, bare pink hue that essentially goes with anything. I wear this to work on the days I have time to get ready in the mornings, and I feel like a real lady boss when I’m rocking this color. It completes my day to day look without overdoing it. I feel confident, complete and ready to take on the day with this color!

Bobby Brown Lip Pencil in Pale Pink – $20.70

Lining the lips after putting on lipstick is a trick first established by Bobby Brown. Lining the lips really solidifies and defines that beautiful pout that women are able to highlight.

Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Brown – $18.90

It wasn’t until my late college years/post-grad when I discovered all the wonderful things you can do with your eye brows. A late eyebrow bloomer, I used to apply powder that matched my eyebrow color (laughing is allowed). If you haven’t already heard by now, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz is pretty incredible because you can draw and fill in your eyebrow while blending it in to avoid any harsh lines that make the eye brow fill look unnatural. A defined eye brow changes a face. It’s scary how different I look with and without this little step.

Total Cost = $63.90 before tax

So, you still have $36.10 left to spend on something else like a cute top or pair of shorts. Let me know if you think this is worth the splurge in the comments below! XXXO~

Nordstrom in under $100

Nordstrom in under $100