If you know me, you probably know how big of a sucker I am for a good sale. Whether it’s the Nordstrom Anniversary sale on products for the upcoming season or a sale on “last chance” AKA clearance items, I’m always on the hunt for a deal. Last weekend, I received an email from bareMinerals about a sale they were having on all “last chance” items in their inventory.

I don’t consider myself a huge make up junkie, but I do love make up that is quality but also not harmful to your skin. I’ve been using the bareMinerals powder foundation on my face for about ten years now and it’s the only foundation I trust. I’ve tried others that offer more coverage with a more “finished” look, but they weren’t a good fit for me. With bareMinerals, I don’t have to worry about breaking out, I can sleep in it if I forget to wash my face at night and this product line simply does not irritate my skin. It also gives me a more natural, youthful look – which I love! So low and behold, when I got the email about a sale, I had to look and see if I was in luck. And that I was! I found four products for under $50 that I now truly love!

Here’s a recap of the goods:

| L I P S |


Gloss + Lip Balm


Jack Of All Trades Lip Balm in Baby Doll – Retail: $12 | 40% of Sale: $7.20

Between my morning coffee, hourly water cup refills, snacks, lunch, long phone meetings and more, my lips end up chapped throughout my work week. This balm is perfect for re-moisturizing your lips while also adding a hint of color. I chose the baby doll pink mostly because I don’t have this color in my make up bag and it’s a light, every day color I won’t get tired of. It also comes in the shade “Sure Thing” which is a plum shade.


Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in Rockstar – Retail: $18 | 40% off: $10.80

bareMinerals lip gloss is my favorite. It’s thicker, it’s glossy and it just feels good on my lips. The Rockstar shade is a more neutral color in my opinion, so I can gloss it over any balm or lipstick color I am wearing. The flavor of their glosses is one of my favorites as well. This product was definitely a steal in my opinion.

| F A C E |


Secret Weapon Kit in Medium: Reg $56 Sale: $29 | 40% off Last Chance Items Sale: $17

The one thing that sucks about bareMinerals foundation is that you can’t really use it as a “touch up” product throughout the day since it’s in a loose dispenser. I have an oily t-zone and have struggled for years trying to find drug store “touch up” powder that matches my foundation. Always failed. This pallet comes with a concealer to apply under eye circles or random zits that might make their debut in the middle of the day [agh stress!] PLUS the powder to fluff on your nose or T zone areas. With this secret weapon now in my back pocket, I don’t look like such an oily mess at the end of my work days #winning 😀


Beauty On The Go Refillable Compact – Retail: $28 Sale: $9.50 40% Off: $5.70

So this product has mixed reviews, and to be honest I probably wouldn’t have bought it at full price. But for $5 or $10, it’s definitely worth a shot. You take the powder from your full size foundation and put it in this container for touch ups throughout the day. I almost like the secret weapon kit idea better, but with this product you do get to use some of the foundation you already bought by filling it into the compact here. If you want to save money and not be wasteful, this product is a good fit.


| C O S T |


The total cost of all four products was only $44.49. I purchased each product from anywhere between 40-80% off. Like I said, who doesn’t LOVE a good deal?! To see more “last chance” products, click here. 

I tried getting some up close shots of the color…sorry if the camera didn’t get the best resolution, but this is me trying the product for the first time. The lip balm is really light and isn’t easy to see, but it’s a nice every day balm with just a hint of pink color. I love lip gloss since it makes the lips look fuller, and the bareMinerals gloss has a slight flavor to it that I actually like – maybe it has a hint of mint? LOL! Hard to say… but this girl sure does love a good gloss!

What’s the latest make up bargain you’ve found? Please share with me, I love finding new products through sales or clearance. Thank you for reading through this blog, please subscribe if you enjoyed it and would like to continue to learn about more ways you can save on brand items!

XXXO ~Mary E. Robb