NERD ALERT: I subscribe to the emails because I aspire to one day be successful on my own after starting my own business…in the mean time, I enjoy reading up and performing research on the different/random aspects of business. One area that I’m drawn to is hiring and maintaining strong and loyal talent. If I want my own business one day, I’m going to need key people to help me get sh*t done. In the process, I’m going to need to be aware of what these key people need in order to remain both successful and happy.

Then I found this article on what MILLENNIALS care about and what they wish employers understood about them. I loved this article and found it very agreeable. I wanted to use this as a conversation starter for my latest vlog post: What do you care about when it comes to the workplace? What can an employer do to make you happy and stay with their company? Click on my vlog below & subscribe for future updates, let’s talk!