One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced being in “the real world” is how to deal with things that happen that are a) unexpected and b) totally out of my control.

Learning how not the freak the heck out in these moments is one that takes time, experience and self-awareness.

Don’t get me wrong – I have not mastered the art of not panicking in unexpected situations, but I have learned the steps to take to help resolve things smoother and faster.

Tuesday morning, a small yet dramatic-potential-day-ruiner occurred on my commute to work. It was going to be a pretty big day for me. I had two in-person demos… #pressureofsales

As I was driving up the tollway (story of my life), I picked up my coffee cup and as I took a sip, 3 massive splashes of coffee spilled on my new, white sweater. Yeah. Cool.

(this picture does not do the stains justice…they were everywhere!!)

In a panic, I texted one of my coworkers asking if we had anything at the office that could get the stain out. Nothing at the office.

Think. Think. Think…Then it hit me.

I drive past a Super Target to get to the office every day, and Target has EVERYTHING. Minutes later, I raided the laundry detergent aisle and picked up the Tide to-go stick and the Clorox bleach pen.

Then I sprinted to the women’s bathroom and started attacking my sweater with Tide to-go and Clorox. (Not sure if this is a bad idea to use both at once but this was a serious situation).

All I did was dab the pen on each stain and blotted it with a warm/wet paper towel after applying the solution.

The Tide pen ended up not really making much of a difference in this situation. The Clorox bleach pen almost instantly cleared up the coffee stains.

SO. Ya’ll. Seriously, stock up on the Clorox bleach pen because it literally saved my life: Clorox Bleach Pen, 4 Pens

I’m keeping one in my purse inside of a sandwich baggie (in case it ever explodes), one at the office and one at home. But I’m SO excited I found something that actually works for in-the-moment accidents. Because I’m clumsy.

Disclaimer: *I may have smelled slightly like bleach on this day, but it was better than running around with three massive coffee stains on my white sweater like a ding dong.

You can almost always find a way around or out of an unfortunate situation. The most important thing is to not freak out or panic. All that does is waste time. And time is money. So do not waste time by panicking.

This goes for any unexpected situation. The second you let your mind go to a negative space, in that place of “Oh sh&t ballz I don’t know what to do!!!” – you paralyze yourself and get stuck.

Unless someone’s legitimate life depends on you resolving the situation, it will be okay and your wonderful, smart, badass self will find a solution. Just focus, breath, and remain positive. Also, Google or your mom or your coworker or your sister or your boyfriend or your best friend might have an answer.

Work Outfits

Moving on to my favorite outfits I wore to work this week:

Mary’s Favorites:

1. White Bell Sleeve Sweater (Similar + ON SALE) 2. Statement Necklace 3. Brown Fur Vest (similar) 4. White Criss Cross Tee (similar) 5. Skinny Jeggings – High Rise 6. Sam Edelman Knee High Camel Boots 7. Vince Camuto Black Booties

A couple of notes on the outfits listed above:

The white bell sleeve sweater has a tighter fit without being too tight. It also is the perfect length- not too long, not too short. The bell sleeves add a little volume, helping the midsection and booty appear more proportionate. This necklace is from the SUGARFIX by Baublebar collection at Target and it is SO cute and affordable. It goes with SO many outfits – it’s totally a wardrobe staple.

The brown fur vest is perfect for a day when you want to hide from the world…your food baby or time of the month cramps. It’s super warm and cozy!

The white criss-cross tee shows a little skin which is sometimes a good thing as it can be slimming. Also, it isn’t too baggy or too long. It’s a good fit! The skinny jeans are from Target and I do love these jeans when I’m on a budget. They fit like a glove and are super stretchy. The waistband is snug and doesn’t leave a huge gap on your lower back like other jeans I’ve tried.

I LOVED these Sam Edelman booties last year, and I still do! They go with so many outfits, and you can still snag a pair at the link above.

In the last outfit, my favorite piece was the black booties I recently got from Nordstrom. Showing a little skin on the top of the foot appears slimming and gives the leg a longer look. So I was INSTANTLY obsessed!


SPARK had me super energized this weekend – grab a canister here to help you stay energized and motivated through the holidays! I LOVE this leather jacket I got on MAJOR sale last year at BCBG. I am going to be on the lookout for ya’ll for another one that goes on sale this season. It retailed for $800 and I got it for $180.

I think a small, fitted leather jacket is SUPER flattering on our shape. I paired it with a high/low sleveless grey turtleneck sweater and black/faux-leather leggings. (40% off EVERYTHING at Express through 11.13) I completed the look with my new Vince Camuto booties.

Date Night

My go-to in the fall is a ribbed turtleneck. Paired with a black scallop skirt from Asos and over-the-knee booties from Nordstrom Rack, it’s a sexy and fitted look that is perfect for date night!

Errands + Workout


Confession: I used to hate the way my legs looked in leggings. Some days in group classes I still get down on myself for not having long, skinny looking legs like the rest of the women in the class. But that’s just me being overly critical of myself.

These leggings from Victoria Secret are so slimming, high wasted, and you can never go wrong with black. Paired with these cute all white tennis shoes from Nike plus this super soft v-neck – I was ready to grab groceries and hit the gym after!

BONUS: Parting Hair Video

So I recently subscribed to Ellebangs on YouTube and I am o b s e s s e d ya’ll. She knows hair. Forreals.

I watched this video on how you should part your hair. I changed my part, still getting used to it, what do you think?

She says you should part your hair away from the better side of your face. You know, the side that has the better eyebrow and just looks better in photos.

Always fun switching up your look, try it out this week and let me know how it goes in the comments below! XXXO~