Can ya’ll believe Thanksgiving is already here? I’m going to try and get a post up tomorrow with some last minute outfit inspiration for the big feast!

This year has been the fastest year of my life. I’m not sure if it has to do with my career change to sales or just the simple fact that time goes by faster as you get older, but I sure am wishing time would slow down just a bit!

This past weekend I visited my 95 year old grandfather in Nebraska. It’s honestly been at least 15 years since I’ve been to Oakland. It was actually nice to slow down, stop the rat race and smell the roses. Not literally, but you know 🙂
Stress, commitments and deadlines have all kept my mind super wired. Sometimes I don’t know if I can take much more, wondering if everything I have going on is going to lead me to a mental breakdown. Am I the only one who feels this way?!
Thankfully, the holidays are just around the corner and we will all get to slow it down for a minute, relax and spend time with those we love.
If you’re trying to find a way to unwind, relax and give your mind a rest, I have three of my favorite tips to do just that.

Get A Massage

Whether you opt for a Groupon steal or a 5-star hotel spa, getting a massage always helps me relax and feel better. Often times we hold all of our stress in our shoulders, and it truly does make a difference if you can massage those knots away.

Explore A Trail

Nature has a way of allowing your mind to wonder. I love going to Katy Trail or White Rock Lake. I’d like to learn more about some of the bigger state parks and trails that are a little further out of town. But whenever I need to get rid of some stress, a jog or even fast paced walk (sometimes with my pup) truly does alleviate the tension.

Get Out Of Town

I was honestly anxious about coming to Nebraska this weekend. Last week was crazy busy between work, hosting a charity event, this blog… I was almost on a high that I couldn’t come down from after all the things that were going on.
But after spending two and a half days in Nebraska, I found myself more calm and moving a little slower. It’s nice to get away and give yourself some much needed down time. I’m really bad at forcing myself to do this. On weekends I feel like between errands, working out, seeing family or friends and household projects, I don’t truly “relax”.
If you have the budget for it, forcing yourself to get away every couple of months is truly the key thing that helps me remain sane.
What is your favorite way to relax and destress?! I am ALWAYS looking for more creative ways to chill this crazy head of mine!

Work Outfit

Black Turtle Neck (50% off) | Burgundy Jeans – High Rise – Skinny | Black Pointed Toe Heels (35% off) | SugarFix by Baublebar Necklace

This is a SUPER affordable work outfit option. The turtleneck hits the pants at just the right height in both the front and back. Skinny stretchy jeans are always a go-to. The Sam Edelman heels extend the leg (which I LOVE since my legs are shorter).

Workout Outfit

Calia by Carrie Underwood Shorts (30%off) | Calia by Carrie Underwood Top (40% off) | Nike Free RN | Spark by Advocare

I LOVE the Calia line at Dick’s Sporting Goods. This outfit was purchased in the summer and now it’s on SALE! My favorite four-letter word 😉 I still wear it because it’s not cold in Texas. I love to wear it to classes or for cardio days. It’s very flattering and the shorts are perfect with two layers, holding everything in place 😉

Work/Happy Hour Outfit

Striped Thong Bodysuit | High Waisted Sash Skirt | Black Pointed Toe Heels (35% off)

Here is yet another more affordable option for work or for a networking happy hour. The bodysuit is very giving (no pulling) and the high waited skirt is SUPER flattering. Anytime you can accentuate that hourglass figure, go for it! I love the bow, it adds a feminine touch!

Work/Casual Friday Outfit

Green Sweater (Similar + 30% off) | Black Leggings | SugarFix by Baublebar Necklace | Black Booties (Similar + 31% off)

This sweater is SO comfortable and soft. I absolutely love the way it fits and feels. It is meant to be a “long” sweater, I think many would wear with jeans. But with a shorter torso, this fit perfectly as a sweater dress. I paired with leggings and super soft, stretchy leggings. Perfect for work (for casual offices) or for a casual day.

Weekend Outfit

I wore this outfit yesterday whenever I went to visit with my Papa. The scarf is my favorite part of this little ensemble. It kept me warm in the cold Nebraska wind and also made the outfit appear more put together! Also, the moto jacket I have linked is similar, but in my opinion even cuter. It is on my Christmas wish list 🙂

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