Hi ya’ll! Today’s post is going to be short, but I just wanted to announce to my fellow readers who also love Nordstrom that the official catalogue for their anniversary sale has been released!

Click here to view

Mark your calendars for July 12th early access to the sale. Go get a Nordstrom credit card now to get access, items sell out fast!

My dress in this post was purchased in last year’s sale. I have worn it at least half a dozen times and it’s just one piece of evidence that this sale is worth a peek!

If you’ve never shopped the sale, here’s the run down:

Every July, Nordstrom hosts their anniversary sale where they discount all of their upcoming fall clothing and fashion items. A typical sale consists of out of season items to make room for the upcoming season.

The anniversary sale features upcoming items which is the main reason it’s one of the best sales to shop! Items range 20-50% off which is amazing considering it’s on items that can be worn for the next 5-7 months depending where you live. 🙂

I will gather some of my favorite items soon to show what I think will work best for our bootyful bodies 🙂