Can ya’ll believe July is already almost half way over?! IMO – we still have 8 weeks to rock our cute summer wedges! I’ve found SO many cute styles this year that I wanted to share with ya’ll in case you haven’t found THE pair just yet.

Since summer is quickly coming to an end – you also might be able to find these styles on sale. I’m confident each of these wedges will still be in style next summer!

I’m also excited to announce that you can now easily shop my outfits through ShopStyle Collective. All wedges + outfits featured in this post are linked at the bottom of this post.

So let’s cut to the chase and get candid on some of my FAVE summer 2018 wedges!

These See by Chloe wedges have been a staple for several of my summer outfits. They are super tall, leg lengthening, and comfortable to walk in. They are true to size and here I am wearing size 38 (8).

This Madewell top has also honestly been my favorite top so far this summer and I love pairing it with white shorts or white skinny jeans and super tall wedges! (Everything linked in Widget @ bottom of post!)

These See by Chloe wedges also go GREAT with a cute cotton, breezy dress. I found this one on major S A L E at Express. Any dress with pockets is a winner in my book. I’m wearing a size small and generally wear a size 4 in dresses.

Any dress that has a defined waist is also a winner for me because it’s important that I accentuate the smaller sections of my body. I typically steer clear from t-shirt dresses or more boxy styled dresses because they make me look 2-3 times larger than I really am. #bigbootyproblems

These nude Steve Madden wedges elongate the leg and slim your overall frame. I love love LOVE the way they make my legs look – but the one downside is the thin strap on the toe can be a little uncomfortable. So if you plan to stand for over 20 minutes at a time, I would pick a wedge with a thicker strap over the toes.

For me – these are still a favorite due to the effect they have on my legs. And I’ve worn less comfortable shoes than these TBH. I would do a half size up if you have a wide foot. I got 7.5 and wish I would’ve done an 8. But overall, these are great, multi-purpose wedges as they will go well with a skirt or dress. I linked the rest of this outfit in the widget below!

Here’s another outfit that works well with these wedges – and in all honesty, they truly can go with anything. I paired a pink ruffled bodysuit with a pair of white floral elastic shorts. Some similar pieces have been linked in the widget below 🙂

These Steve Madden wedges are also one of my absolute FAVORITE wedges this summer because they meet alllll the requirements – comfortable, cute and can go with literally anything. I loved them so much I have them in black also. It’s genuinely true love. <3

This last outfit is one of my favorites for a more lazy/casual day where you still want to look cute. My top is a white bodysuit from Asos and the skirt is from a local boutique at Mockingbird Station called Movida.

&& the good news is that YOU can shop ALL of these looks at the links below! Just scroll to the right to see each item and alllll the wedges:

A quick note on how I style my outfits:

You may notice on my blog that I tend to choose form fitting items over the loose fitting options available more often than not. This is something I’ve been asked about and I thought this post would be a good opportunity to explain my thought process on how I pick different items.

I’ve struggled with finding clothes that fit my body for my entire life. A size 4 sometimes is too small, and a size 6 is always a bit too big. It’s even more challenging to find a dress that fits my size 2-4 waist and size 4-6 bottom half.

I love following other fashion bloggers for inspiration and seeing the latest trends, but I have noticed several of the girls I follow are size 0 or size 24. They are so super tiny and although I’m not sure their measurements, I’m guessing they weigh like 100 pounds while claiming to eat Chick-fil-a 24/7. Genetics?!?!??

I’m 5’5″ and my weight fluctuates all. the. time. It can range between 120-140 lbs. I’m honestly not ashamed of sharing my measurements with you all because I want you to truly understand what these sizes and outfits look like in case you also are similar in size to me. You’ll see me talk about diet and exercise whenever I feel like I want to slim down…. but that’s another great topic for another day…back to fashion 😉

The trends of mumus, baggy t-shirts, boyfriend style and essentially pitching a tent around your body has never been flattering on me. I totally understand that that is what is in right now and it can be flattering on certain body types.

But I want this blog to highlight and feature outfits that are flattering on women who have an hourglass figure – a tiny waist with a thicker lower half. Most of the outfits I post would be flattering on many body types, but my blog is focused on helping women with an hourglass figure find clothing that fits and doesn’t completely take away from her gorgeous curves.

My goal is to take the guesswork out of shopping for clothes and the continual disappointment after going to the store for hours and leaving with nothing. I genuinely want to help you ladies who also struggle with finding cute pieces to fit our beautiful bodies.

Stay tuned and subscribe for more outfit inspo and all things millennial! I love you all so so much and never forget how beautiful you are.