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Welcome to The Candid Millennial! For those who are new here, today I wanted to give you a more personal look into my life and tell my story as to why I am building a fashion & lifestyle brand around self-love and awareness for women who have a little bit of a figure. 😉

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#CandidMoment: Life with a Booty


So when I was 9, I remember sitting in PE class and looking down at my legs and thinking “how come my legs look bigger than the other girls?”

I felt my legs looked kinda fat. Literally crazy to be comparing my body at that age?!

In middle school, my parents divorced and I transferred schools across town. I was referred to as “Miss New Booty” at my new school because of my figure. I was pretty shy at that age and felt unsure about all that?

In high school, I had a guy tell me I was thick, which at the time I felt “thick” meant “fat”. Then, this other guy told me that I had gross cottage cheese legs. I also had a handful of girls (who were bullies) call me “fat” and “gross”.

For my entire life, people have been pointing out to me what my body looks like to them. And unconsciously, I let their perspective become my reality.

Until recently, I’ve silently lived a life where I wished I was 10-20 pounds smaller and had the same figure all the pretty girls have on Instagram, on TV and in magazines.

I’m talking the slender, long legs. The long, thin torso. The nice size breasts and small – but tight – booty.

The only time I have achieved the “skinny” look is whenever I was going through a really bad break up in college with a boyfriend who had cheated on me, I was completely heartbroken, so I had no appetite and dropped down to 115 pounds which was the smallest I had ever been.

At the time I was actually excited to be so skinny. I even aspired to stay that small even though it wasn’t who I was naturally. Typically I weigh 10-15 pounds heavier.

Even in recent years, I’ve caught myself looking at pictures from that time period and thinking “how can I achieve that?” Well, the answer is by starving myself. But that’s completely unhealthy and not realistic. So that’s not an option!

I had to completely change my perspective on my body and learn to love myself for the way that I am.

What I had been completely missing out on was the power of loving my body for the way it was and the way God built me. Just because I don’t have the model body type, doesn’t mean I can’t be beautiful. Just because I have thighs, doesn’t mean I can’t love my legs for their strength and power. Just because I can’t make everyone like me, doesn’t mean I can’t love myself anyways.

I’m here to show YOU:  the woman who sometimes stands out due to her body type, the woman who has been made fun of for looking a certain way, the woman who struggles to find outfits that look good, that there IS a way to dress in a way that not only flatters your figure, but makes you FEEL unstoppable.

Because let me tell you, there is nothing – and I mean NOTHING – more beautiful than a CONFIDENT and happy woman.

Being confident in yourself truly starts with learning to accept who you are and the kind of woman you were created to be. I have SO many ideas on topics I want to share with you around how to love yourself and grow that confidence that you were designed to embrace!

But within this community of women, just know that we’re in this together. Now is better than later to OWN your style and show the world your FIRE. Let me help you find clothes that make you feel invincible.

I want you to walk into that room and know that all eyes are on you because not only do you LOOK good, you FEEL like the baddest bitch in the building, okurrrr?!?!???

More to come, stay tuned! <3

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