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The Calling

Is there a burden that has been placed on your heart that you aren’t sure what to do about? Is there something that has been on your mind that you can’t help but keep going back to? Is there something you have your eye on that you really want?

The biggest gift we are given in this life is time. Sadly, time is the first thing to go. As you’re reading this, you have lost a minute but perhaps gained insight. My philosophy with anything in life is to just go for it. 

Because guess what? There’s no better time than now to go after what you want. Truth be told – with each passing day, we’re only getting older! (Which gives me anxiety, BTW!)

Those voices inside your head that keep prodding and poking you to think about or do something that is scary aren’t always just “voices”. They could be your calling.

I’m sharing this message with you today because I, myself, am going for it with this whole blog thing. It’s scary, it’s vulnerable, it’s confusing, it’s uncomfortable. But I know, looking back, I would only be satisfied knowing that I tried.


With that said, I’m SO excited to share with you something I’ve been working on for MONTHS! The blog has received a facelift and has been completely reorganized. I hope to provide you a much better experience and I hope you TOTALLY vibe with the new look and feel!

It’s important to me that you get something out of this experience, so I’m going to start posting content more consistently, at least two blog posts per week and three emails per week.

And even more exciting – I’m going to start offering FREE workbooks, downloadables, and checklists that will help you get started on whatever it is that you’ve been needing to do. I’m going to help you just go for it.

I want to hear your feedback, so please tell me what you think!!

Here are a couple of highlights on what exactly has changed:


I took the plunge and hired a photographer, designer, and VA, and have truly refined the mission of TCM. It has been a goal of mine to better brand this blog with the proper logo, messaging and imagery to truly represent what The Candid Millennial stands for. This blog is a place for strong, driven, independent, trendy millennial women who aspire to live only their best life. Sup girl, glad you’re here!! 😉


YAY! You can now FINALLY shop my looks thanks to my friends at ShopStyle. All Instagram photos and blog posts will include links to my outfits, and where you can buy the pieces online. Get shopping now!

Home Page

On the prior website, the blog feed was the home page. I’m trying something new – so please tell me what ya’ll think about having a homepage. I hope to better display the mission and help first-time visitors understand what The Candid Millennial is all about.

I chose the image of me in work attire walking across the street as the header because that is how I feel my life looks 90% of the time. Constantly hustling, moving to the next place, all while trying to do so in style.


I updated the categories into three main topics: lifestyle, career, and travel. Now, you might wonder – what about fashion? Well, to me, lifestyle is what best defines this category. I started sharing outfits with you earlier this year on a more regular basis.

That’s when it hit me – I can still share stories and my best advice on the blog all while incorporating fashion that is inspired by these topics. I also want to make career a focal point as it is a big part of our journey to become our best self. Whether you work for someone or work for yourself, I hope to provide useful information on how to totally kill it at being you, #GirlBoss!

Most importantly, after we go out into the world and kick ass, we need some R&R. And I’m not talking a trip to the Holiday Inn. We deserve only the best – because we ARE the best! Expect to see the most beautiful scenery, luxurious experiences and most relaxing things to do. Visit the travel section to explore some of the best places to get out, see the world, and do so in style.


Ughhh….the DREADED about me page. I swear, I totally screw this up every time. But now it’s a little cleaner and shorter. It’s SO hard to define who I am in a short, simplified way. I guess that’s a sign that I’m a lot of things, but one of them is not simple. #TruthBeTold 😛

So that pretty much sums up the changes I’ve made to the blog. What do you think of the new design? Do you have any suggestions or recommendations, so you can have a better experience here? Tell me in the comments boo, I’m here to make this a badass space for YOU!

Until next time, XXXO!

Outfit deets: Shop entire look now | Top | Pants | Shoes | Belt


If you noticed my posts recently, you probably saw content on how I want to focus on outfits that flatter a figure with a booty. I truly am passionate about finding clothing that not only fits right but makes you look and feel pretty damn good! Stay tuned for more outfits! Freebie is coming soon! Stay tuned!