How To Take Better Selfies

I know, I know, some of you might be thinking “could this post be any more narcissistic?!” I mean yeah, it could be, but who doesn’t want to put their best foot forward and present the world with the best image of themselves?!

If you don’t care, that’s totally cool. Let’s catch up on the next post. But today I wanted to share all the selfie-taking secrets I’ve collected over the years and what I’ve narrowed down to what I call “selfie essentials”.

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More often than not, the photos you post of yourself online, whether it’s on your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tubmlr, you-name-it, serve as your first impression. And first impressions deserve a little respect and love..#AmIRight?!

Either you are reading this because you want better pics of yourself just because – or – you have to show your face online for a living and want to know the secrets to the best selfie. Let’s do this!


Whether you own a $5,000 DSLR or use an iPhone to get your pics – lighting is E V E R Y T H I N G. There are some things you can do to create the perfect lighting no matter where you are!

(Link to Mirror)

First, I suggest taking selfies close to a window or outside where there is natural light (see mirror above next to window). If the sun is not making an appearance or you don’t have windows or it’s night time, there are some options I’ve highlighted below:

A) Ring lightbuy here – (see image below) this light is perfect for selfies or YouTube videos. It’s the light celebrities or bravolebrities use during interviews. It basically erases all flaws and makes you look like Beyonce. Almost.

B) Lighting kitbuy here – this light kit is for the more dedicated selfie taker or someone who needs to take photos on a consistent basis. There are three different umbrella lights (sorry I’m not technical, all I know is it works). I use this kit for taking photos of outfits if the sun is already down.

C) Phone selfie casebuy here – this light is perfect if you are on the go or don’t have time to get the lighting right. I use a case like this if I’m out with my girls and want a quick selfie for that Insta story or Snapchat!

Camera Settings

So I am NOT a professional photographer – but I’m able to get away with photography through my YouTube and Google skills. When I use my DSLR, I always select the most appropriate setting depending on where I am. (Automatic is my fave).

If you are more educated or a professional photographer, you might be putting your hand to your face considering I know the manual way is the way to go. BUT sometimes that’s just not an option.

On my iPhone, I love using “portrait mode” with studio lighting. This makes the image more clear and makes the image look professionally taken.

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This is BIG and I see so many people do this wrong. First, don’t just look at your face or body, look at what’s behind you (#guilty of not always doing this but working on it!!). Don’t cut off your hair or forehead or feet.

Try to keep things in proportion. If there two feet of space on your left, make sure there’s two feet of space on your right. Look in the lens to see what is being captured in the entire photo.

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LOL expression is a funny thing – while you’re holding your breath trying to find the right angle, all while trying to make a simple expression, your face sometimes can lose it’s focus. But this is something worth focusing on as well. I mean selfies really can become a job alone when you start to consider all factors needed to make it work.

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My favorite photo editing apps are LightRoom, Facetune, and Instagram. That’s all I use. I hate taking a bunch of time editing photos (I know, I’m the worst) so I know in one of those apps I’ll get something that looks decent. LightRoom is my favorite and I’ve purchased pre-made filters from Creative Market that I default to.

But this is 2018. No longer are the days of “candid” photos with no filters. People like to see images with different colors, angles, depth and that look artistic or create a feeling.

In blogging, a more editorial filter is great. Depending on the category, there are different color palates and filters that make sense whether you’re doing travel, food, fashion, or beauty.

I hope this helps you next time you’re channeling your inner Beyonce and snapping a selfie of your beautiful self. I’m here to help you look and feel your best, so please let me know what questions you have!