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The title of this post might not be the most classy, politically correct, or even appealing to some women – but I can’t help and be completely candid on the types of Google searches I’ve found myself get lost in over the years.

Sadly, searching the interwebs for advice on how to dress when you have a big booty didn’t bring me much success. TLC’s hit TV show “What Not To Wear” isn’t really a thing anymore, and I found myself lost between Forever 21 and large department stores.

So. Many. Options.

I could totally follow the Kardashians because their fashion sense is killer, but I’d say I’m pretty much a basic girl living an average life. So, I needed some more options that weren’t equivalent to a mortgage payment.

Where can I find cute, trendy, but classy clothes that flatter my figure? What brands fit my body best? How do I dress for the gym? What do I wear to work? What do I wear to conferences? How do I look cute on the weekends?

All of these questions consumed me over the past four years, and after tons of research and due diligence, I think I’m finally getting a handle on this whole fashion thing.

With the help of inspiration from all the beautiful fashion bloggers today + TONS of trial and error try on sessions, I’m super excited to release my FIRST EVER FREE E-book that discusses how to dress your ass(ets).

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