TBH the only thing keeping me calm while trying to edit + upload 18 outfits for the #NSALE are these @sundayscariescbd gummies.

I take one every night before I go to bed, but I also use them when I am feeling anxious or stressed AF. Pills and drugs don’t help my anxiety, but CBD has been the best solution for me and I know it has been for many of my friends!

These sour gummies are so tasty and chewy, they make you want to eat the whole bottle in one sitting -_- but it’s recommended to only have 2-3 per day. 😅

For those who have been following me a while know that I have struggled with anxiety since I was younger, but it really hit me hard in my early 20s. I wish I would have known about CBD sooner because it’s truly the only thing that can calm my mind, body, and thoughts.

It is not overly strong or a feeling that is super noticeable, but it’s enough to give a sense of relief.

CBD is NOT weed/marijuana. It is 100% legal and the CBD market has blown up over the past few years. Research has shown it to help with anxiety, depression, pain, cancer symptoms, and so much more. I use it every day and it’s something that I personally believe (with no scientific backing) has the power to heal many people and eliminate the need for narcotics or strong drugs.

I recently subscribed to the delivery 1X a month called “Man’s Best Friend”. I get a box in the mail of the gummies and the CBD doggie treats for my anxious rescue pup!

You can try them now and get 10% off all purchases with my link. Have ya’ll tried CBD yet?! Let me know what you think!!