Well, friends, I am feeling SO inspired – yet again – about today’s motivated millennial post. In case you haven’t heard of The Everyday Therapy Podcast, before going any further, you must go subscribe.

I love listening and feel like I’m having my own little therapy sesh with Jacy and Julianne each time I hear their beautiful voices. The topics they cover include self-love, burn out, money, anxiety, relationships, and all the things millennials love learning about!

Now, moving on to the actual interview. I met this pair at the B-Zen TV premiere earlier this year, and felt instantly drawn in. Jacy and Julianne run a counseling practice near White Rock Lake, and started a podcast to help share their message and knowledge with a larger audience.

They are both motivated millennials but have learned the lesson of burn out and setting realistic expectations for themselves. They lead by example and are such beautiful humans.

Tell us a little about both of you (name, location, age, where you’re from, what you do both full time and side hustles, what you’re passionate about, hobbies, random facts, etc…) 

Jacy Rader, 30 years old, Currently:Dallas Texas, Raised: Paris, Texas

Full time: Counselor at White Rock Counseling

Side Hustle: teaching yoga and sharing therapy wisdom via Everyday Therapy Podcast

Random Facts: Jacy did triathlons in college -she “won” last place at nationals

Julianne Schroeder, 30 years old, Currently: Dallas Texas, Raised: Gillette, Wyoming

Full-time: Counselor and Speaker at White Rock Counseling and Yoga Teacher Trainer at Lifeologie Institute School for Psychotherapeutic Yoga (LISPY)

Random Facts: Julianne is the punniest person you will meet

We (Jacy & Julianne) met in graduate school in pursuit of our M.S. in Mental Health Counseling, and quickly became best friends with similar aspirations to help others handle the ups & downs of life.

What made you decide to start your podcast?

As Licensed Professional Counselors and Registered Yoga Teachers in therapeutic yoga, we felt compelled to try to reach more people outside of who we regularly see on the couch and the mat at White Rock Counseling in East Dallas.

We also wanted to normalize therapy and make it seem approachable for all. Having loved podcasts as a means of sharing knowledge and inspiration and keeping it real, we decided to take the plunge into the podcast world in August 2018.

We now interview experts and influencers about their personal mental and emotional health journeys and can be found on I-Tunes, Soundcloud, & Spotify. Facebook, Youtube. Inspired by our experiences in therapy as the clinician and client, we realize therapy has so much to offer on and off the couch.

Everyday Therapy’s mission is to encourage steps to mental and emotional wellness in your everyday life with stories and tools to navigate all the experiences life throws your way.

What has been your biggest win so far (with the podcast or with your counseling practice)?

The messages we’ve gotten from our supporters and listeners make it all worth it, each one is a win.

We also are so blown away by the experts that we get to interview on the podcast, with many who are top in their field. We have interviewed someone who was interviewed by Oprah?! Is this real life? It truly is an honor. 

(Hint: see this podcast episode, I saw her name and freaked out in excitement because her online course has actually changed my life!)

What has been your biggest lesson learned?

Our podcast progress is ever-evolving. We’ve learned there is so much more back-end work to a podcast, as well as needing to get comfortable with deviating from our roles of therapists by sharing our personal and stories on the podcast.

Oh and don’t forget about challenges of learning to be comfortable with recording LIVE (it airs live on Facebook)… let’s just say we tell ourselves that any mistakes are what make us “super relatable”.

However, ultimately we believe it’s important for others to know that as therapists we are humans too and that we are all figuring out how to best manage life.

What inspires you to keep going every day? Especially on the bad days?

The connections we have, we are constantly motivated by clients, friends, God. Connection is so important to both of us. Sometimes it’s remembering helpful feedback from listeners or clients, sometimes it’s having a heart connection with a friend or family member and on the really bad days it’s trusting that God has a greater plan.

We are definitely human and have experienced depression and anxiety, bad days. We have tried a lot of the skills we teach our clients. Some of our favorites are— journaling, our own personal counseling, prayer, yoga and meditation, friends, and movement.   

Who are your biggest role models?

Other than our parents, Brene Brown. She is really helping the world fight shame by being vulnerable and living authentically. Wow. Just wow!

What advice would you give to someone like yourself – the girl who wants more, to do something for herself, but is afraid to get started?

Girl! Just do it. Make a loose plan. Take action. Give yourself permission to fail. Rinse and Repeat. And if something is holding you back, find a coach or counselor to help figure out what that is.

What’s the best way to keep up with you? (social, blog, links, etc..)

Facebook and Instagram: @everydaytherapypodcast @whiterockcounseling

Itunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/every-day-therapy/id1432172894

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWy4HD0e9oDUqTbLxAZFa2w