5 Ways To Save During The Holidaze


Between shopping for family, that significant other or simply yourself-let’s face it. You are spending more money than you typically would during the months leading up to the holidays. And that’s why it’s so important to SAVE while you spend!

This year has been different than the previous years I’ve celebrated Christmas because I now have a full time j-o-b. Yep. It’s pretty liberating. I can now afford to buy things I couldn’t afford as an intern, bartender or babysitter. While I haven’t quite graduated to a brand new pair of red bottoms or a nice big Louis, I can afford to give nice gifts, donate to charity and go a little over board at the shops this year.

Although my budget has expanded, I still enjoy saving a buck. Because the more doll hairs saved-the more I have leftover to spend! So I’ve compiled a conservative list of what I do to try and save a few during the holiday spending craze.

#1- | sign up at your favorite stores |

What’s better than getting a great deal on that one must-have thing you’ve been eyeing the past couple of months? You’re right: nothing. Imagine living in a world where your favorite store in the world knows you, your name, your birthday and your email address. And as soon as you sign up for their email list, rewards program or credit card with points and coupons, you are instantly VIP. This tactic works best for stores you can find in any city that has a population greater than 200,000 people, i.e. Banana Republic, Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Express, Nordstrom, Bath & Body Works, Macy’s and more. For the smaller boutiques? Get on their email list and ask how you can be first to learn about sales or promotions. Most stores are more than happy to tell you how you can buy more from them.

#2- | follow/like your favorite stores |

For the social media savvy brands, it is imperative that you find them on Facebook and Twitter. Stores will post what’s new, what’s on sale and often times coupons exclusively for their followers. Find freebies and coupons for many restaurants and bars by checking in on Yelp during your visit.

#3- | use your credit card & save |

Whether your card earns you cash back or travel points-use the card that gives some sort of return. Before I go any further I must disclaim this tactic: **you must be responsible and aware of your current financial situation before you go buck wild with the plastic.** Before using a credit card, it’s crucial to be aware of your current bank situation. Never spend more than what you currently have in the bank. Ever. If you trust yourself, it’s the best and easiest way to save money. I used to use the Bank Of America cash rewards card where I earned 1-3% cash back on all purchases. I recently switched to the Southwest Airlines card where I earn flight points on every purchase I make. Plus I earned TWO free, roundtrip flights- just for signing up! Hello free VACAY!

#4- | stop acting like you’re too good for Black Friday |

I get it. Nothing sounds more appalling than being trampled in a line 500 people deep just to save a couple bucks. But I have to tell you my Black Friday experience this year was far from appalling. And there are a few reasons why. 1-I avoided the larger, traditional stores like Best Buy, Target and Walmart. 2-more people than ever before are using the internet to get their shopping done early, and many stores have paid attention to this. Many deals offered in stores were also available online. 2.5- Cyber Monday has taken a slice of the black friday pie, leaving a portion of the regular crowd satisfied behind a screen. 3- Black Friday has snuck its way into Thanksgiving Thursday. I always thought the idea of shopping during the evening of a holiday you are supposed to be spending quality time with your family was a bit outrageous. But this year, I found myself with time to spare. I spent time with family, caught the cowboys game, and instead of going into a second food coma for dinner-I went shopping. What I found was shocking: no crazy lines, no stampedes, no fights. I got what I wanted without being pushed, breathed on or hassled. It was awesome. Some of my favorite finds?

  • Warm, soft, text friendly gloves- $4
  • Navy blue with pin stripe sleeve blazer $84.95: $24.95
  • Stainless steel crockpot- $8
  • Bluetooth speaker bar- $40
  • Francescas- 30% off entire store
  • Nike frees- 20% off
  • Banana Republic- 50% off

#5 | Post-Christmas Shopping |

Every year I save half of my Christmas shopping money for the day after Christmas. This is another AMAZING time to save on things you’ve been eyeing-especially boots, sweaters, coats and any other winter related item. I think the dumbest thing you can do is pay full price for something that you know costs a tenth of what it’s being retailed for. Be patient and WAIT. Fashion trends don’t change as rapidly as the advertisers would like you to believe. One of the biggest strategies marketers use is the fear of loss. That jacket will not look any different than it did full price than it does at the end of December at half the price. And it will look amazing for the next five winter season to come. Don’t get me wrong. This is always HARD for me {as impatient as I am}. But I also have no patience for wasting money on something I know will go on sale.

In short, more money saved=more opportunity to max out your shopping potential. Pick a budget, follow the money saving tips above, and happy shopping!


Writers Block

It’s strange when you’ve been a natural writer your whole life but suddenly, a few things change, and you suddenly can’t think of anything you feel the need to write about. Sometimes life throw you curveballs, but I’m not one to give up on what I love and what truly makes me happy. While I’ve been silent the past couple of months, I’m promising myself it won’t last.

Stay tuned for updates as I find myself again through these changes. Updates will come. <3 XXXO

One Reason Why Being Happy on Valentine’s Day is Better

We all see it. Between Buzzfeed, Thought Catalogue, Elite Daily and all the other websites producing viral articles on the world wide web.. there are constant comparisons being made between being single or in a relationship.

Well guess what.

There’s this crazy thing called happiness that really controls whether it’s better to be in a relationship or single. I’ve experienced Valentine’s Day both ways, and I must say, I like it either way!

“All The Single Ladies”


Single? Who doesn’t love a reason to go out and grab drinks with the girls or guys? It’s important to not dwell on the fact that you don’t necessarily have one special person to share it with. If you’re single, you have to appreciate all your friends who are there for you on the reg rooting for you to  m o v e   o n   t o   t h e   n e x t.

Another plus- Valentine’s day is on FRIDAY this year. Wow the possibilities are endless!

A double plus? The weather will be WARM and it is patio weather! Ladies pull out the crop tops, it’s time to show off your sexy!

“I Will Always Love You”


In a relationship? Time to cheese it up and gush about your love for your significant other! I think it’s always important to make sure you show your appreciation for your loved one on this day because who knows what kind of nonsense you’ve put them through in the past year. No one’s perfect, and no one should underestimate the power of nice, thoughtful words on this day of love.

**Guys don’t you dare forget those flowers.** Unless your girl is extremely abnormally allergic to pollen or whatever flowers are made of, there is not one reason you should fall short on this.

“But I don’t think she’s into flo…” No. She is. “Tom” boy or not. Just do it. Make her day and she will make yours at the end of the night.

My point is, it doesn’t matter which situation you’ve found yourself in. Valentine’s Day is a holiday meant to spread the L.O.V.E. Tell your best friends how beautiful they are, tell your lovers how much you love them, and don’t forget to MAKE it a good, fun & happy day.

Happy Valentine’s Day Ya’ll <3<3<3


Low Carb Chicken Noodle Soup

This recipe is far from gourmet, but I am currently obsessed with my crock pot! Last night I diced the carrots, celery and cilantro. I also cut the bad parts off the chicken breast. And that was the hardest part of this whole recipe.. so here it is:

-2 chicken breasts

-1 Box of chicken stock

-1 Bag of carrots (peeled and diced)

-1/2 Stalk of celery (cut into small pieces)

-Fresh cilantro (I just pulled off a handful and cut into small pieces)

-Dreamfield Spaghetti* (a lo-carb pasta, for more info click here.)

-1 cup of water

-Seasoning of choice (I used sea salt, pepper, Tony’s, garlic salt and a weber’s grill chicken-flavored seasoning.)

I put all the ingredients listed above in the crockpot this morning and let it cook on HIGH for 4 hours. I came home for lunch and it was PERFECT!! I have to admit, I did mess up. I set the crockpot on low after I ate lunch and didn’t turn it off until 5 hours later. Now the noodles are way over-cooked. So make sure if you decide to cook it on high that you don’t leave it on too long. But, I still ate it for dinner as well. I love it! Can’t wait to enjoy it for lunch the rest of this week!



Chipotle Copycat Chicken Salad

A few weeks ago, I attempted to recreate my favorite salad in the world: a chicken salad from Chipotle. Thanks to Pinterest, I found a recipe that mimicked the “fast food” chain’s chicken and cooked up a pretty similar rendition.

I added romaine lettuce, cilantro-lime brown rice, black beans, pre-made pico de gallo from Market Street, white corn, fat free sour cream and topped it with salsa. It was absolutely scrumptious. AND I had leftovers for 3 more lunches! I will definitely make this again.

Link to full recipe.