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I’ve struggled with finding clothes that flatter my figure for most of my life! I’m not petite, tall, plus size. I’m 5’5″ with a round booty, short torso and disproportionate figure when it comes to fashion.

Sometimes my “usual” size is too small, and other times it’s too big. What’s even more challenging is finding a dress that fits me all the way around (without being too short in the back and too long in the front).  

After realizing I wasn’t the only woman who faces this challenge, I wanted to do something about it!

My goal with TCM is to take the guesswork out of shopping for clothes and eliminate disappointment after trying on clothes at stores for HOURS and leaving with nothing.

I genuinely want to help YOU – the woman who also struggles with finding cute outfits that flatter your beautiful body. 

Every outfit I post about on Instagram or on this blog is built to flatter the hourglass figure or pear-shaped woman.

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The Why:

So when I was 9 years old, I remember sitting in PE class and looking down at my legs and thinking “how come my knees look bigger than the other girls?” I felt my knees looked kinda fat. Literally crazy to be comparing my body at that age!?

In middle school, my parents divorced and I moved schools. I was referred to as “Miss New Booty” because of my body. I was pretty shy at that age and felt unsure about all that.

In high school, I had a guy tell me I was thick. Another other guy told me that I had gross cottage cheese legs. A handful of girls (who were bullies) call me “fat” and “gross”.

In college, the age of social media and Instagram really exploded and I started seeing hundreds and thousands of pictures of the most beautiful women. Most were tiny and a size 0 with perfect skin, beautiful hair, very popular and had tons of friends.

Until recently, I’ve silently lived a life where I wished I was 10-20 pounds smaller and had the same figure all the pretty girls have on Instagram, on TV and in magazines. What I had been completely missing out on was the power of loving myself for who I was and the way God built me.

I’m here to show YOU: the woman who didn’t always feel a part of the group, the woman who sometimes stands out due to her figure, the woman who has been made fun of for looking a certain way, the woman who struggles to find outfits, that there IS a way to dress in a way that not only flatters your figure, but makes you FEEL unstoppable.

Because let me tell you, there is nothing – and I mean NOTHING – more beautiful than a kind, yet CONFIDENT woman.

The Background:

Based out of Dallas, Texas, I am passionate about inspiring millennial women going through all walks of life in all parts of the world. My goal is to use this blog to share outfits and experiences through a transparent lens from a very raw and genuine perspective.

After learning about the negative stereotypes that millennials are labeled with, I decided to address these issues head-on through writing content about life as a millennial.

In fall of 2017, TCM expanded it’s content to include fashion. Scrolling through Instagram and seeing that most fashion bloggers are gorgeous yet very slender women, I saw a gap in the industry. What about the women who have shorter legs, a shorter torso and little more junk in the trunk?

Today, each post has two main objectives: 1. to offer outfit ideas tailored to women who have an hourglass figure and 2. to display the life of a raw, real millennial woman. This includes balancing careers, side gigs, relationships, family, volunteering, travel, beauty, fitness and much more!

Join me as I share life as a millennial woman who has problems only millennials have… 😛 Laugh with me. Cry with me. Learn with me. Grow with me. Either way – let’s have some fun. And remember this: we get one life, never waste a second of it!

Please stay in touch by connecting with me via social here and leave comments on the pages or blog posts with your ideas, suggestions or feedback. I want this to be as beneficial as possible to those reading, but the only way I’ll know what you like is if you tell me! I seriously can’t WAIT to hear from you!