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PLAN & LAUNCH Series Phase 1: Planning Your Dream Business

In this freebie, download the exact process Mary used to plan for the launch of her marketing business.

Loving Me Series Part 1: Morning Routines

Mornings, by definition, mean “the beginning; a period of first development.” What’s more exciting than knowing it’s a new day, or a fresh slate to start over and create something new, exciting and promising for your life?

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Business / Life Update – June 2021

Fair warning: this post is 100% a ramble and unedited…but it’s officially been two years since I quit my job, and five months since I moved to Old East Dallas/Lower Greenville area. So much has happened already this year, and I thought it would be fun to start documenting the start up journey here on the blog. 🙂

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My Why (I’m Back!!)

The blog is BACK!!! It’s not 100% ready but hell, who knows if it ever will be. A few months ago I retired “The Candid Millennial” and went back to my name. The website domain is back to and the rebranding is complete!

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