Cabo Pano

On March 12, 2015, I was unaware of how my life would be changed by an impromptu ‘adult spring break’ trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Only ten months after starting my first real job, I decided it was time for me to get out and do what I do best: travel and meet new people. Growing up, my mom traveled all over the states for her job and she would bring me with her as often as she could get me out of school. Traveling is second nature for me and it was time for me to get out of my comfort zone.

I live by the idea – work hard // play hard – and I had spent the previous ten months focused solely on my job and bettering myself for my future. I did work hard, and while I took days off here and there, I hadn’t left home since before I graduated college. So much has changed since I left college in such a short period of time. So many positive things have happened, but with that, some negatives too. I hadn’t taken a serious moment to think and realize how important it is to stop and smell the roses. Advertising is a fast paced, fast moving industry which fits perfectly with my personality and skill set, but what I had failed to acknowledge is the need for reflection and self actualization in the midst of chaos. Vacation and traveling to new places brings you to a place where you can find more about yourself, who you are, what you want, and what you are going to do to get it. I was fortunate to have numerous opportunities growing up to have these kind of experiences, but now that I am the only person in control of my life, I’ve found the importance in forcing yourself to get out of your zone for a bit in order to reconnect. Without further a due, here is the story of the most amazing trip I’ve experienced.


On our first night in Cabo, we hit the town. I was shocked that the bars/clubs were actually not half bad. I’ve visited other Mexican towns and cities but Cabo’s nightlife was similar to places I’ve been to in America. First we visited Pink Kitty, from there it was a back and forth between Vaquero, Mandala and El Squid Row. During the day, we hit Mango Deck where all the college spring breakers were partying. It was pretty sick. Not much elaboration needed here – go if you want to see how bad a$* of a time it is.


The Boat

On our second day in Cabo we met someone who we now consider a dear friend – Saul! – who would offer us a nice private boat ride to the Arch (famous landmark in Cabo). What we didn’t know we would experience is seeing over a dozen mother whales with their babies breeching in and out of the water. It was incredible. Another exciting unexpected event was not one but two BIG fish caught. A 100 pound marlin and a 30 pound fish (I forget what it was called :P). That was a great experience for the guys on the boat. We drank, danced, swam, fished and had way too much fun for a total of six hours on the water. I would do anything to do it again. After we got off the boat, some of the group was able to eat the fish we caught. The rest of us (the singles) went to Mango Deck for some margs!

the crew

The Beach/Hotel

Our hotel was all inclusive and let me just say I think I can speak for all of us that our workout regimens and diets pre-trip were completely destroyed during and post trip. But it was so worth it! The rooms were perfectly air conditioned, the pool with a swim up bar was right down the hall, and my favorite – the beach – was just beyond the pool. We played sand volleyball on the beach, threw a football closer to the water, and took TONS of GoPro footage in the water. It was pure bliss.

beach     beach volley

I could write a novel about this trip and will definitely add to this rendition, but for now I will leave it at this.