Relax. Unwind. Destress. Reconnect.

Words can’t describe the feeling I had after leaving this magical resort. I left pampered, relaxed and full. Not just full of food from our indulgent all-inclusive stay, but also full of happiness and a new sense of peace. Ahhhh…I wish I could live in this state of zen forever!

After a busy start to the year, a break from the daily workflow was much appreciated. World class service, a modern atmosphere, unlimited amounts of delicious food, champagne, and tequila with NOTHING on the agenda. This trip was perfection.

We arrived in Cancun on a Thursday afternoon and stayed until Tuesday afternoon. While 5 nights and 6 days was a good amount of time, I easily could have stayed 3 more nights.

Before arriving, we researched the resort through YouTube and found several clips of bloggers describing their experience at the resort. We saw how much there was to do at the resort and planned to get there with nothing on the agenda.

Where is The Finest Playa Mujeres?

The Finest Playa Mujeres is perfect for a romantic getaway. Nestled 30 minutes North of Cancun in Playa Mujeres, the beach is calm with plenty of room to move around without facing large crowds of people.

My favorite part about this hotel was the outstanding level of service. Every staff member we encountered went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and well taken care of.

One day I noticed we were about to run out of water bottles. I called concierge, three minutes later the water was delivered. One minute after it was delivered, a courtesy call rang in confirming we had received the water. Everything was timely and organized, which helped us remain fully at ease!

Many of the staff members remembered our names and enjoyed getting to know us personally. We enjoyed doing the same! In fact, one of the staff members explained how much he simply loved showing up to work.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a glass of champagne and a cold hand towel. A member of the concierge brought us to the Excellence Club which was a part of the hotel that was adults only.

The Hotel Lobby, Bar, Outdoor Spaces

Lobby at the Excellence Club – Adults Only

Our Room

The room was stunning. A modern look and feel, there was plenty of space with the king size bed, large couch and jetted tub in the corner near the outside balcony. We had a gorgeous view of the resort and beach. I also appreciate the tile floor all throughout as it helped the room stay cool and any sandy feet were easy to clean up after.

Each room comes fully stocked with 4 bottles of liquor, two bottles of wine, sodas, waters and snacks. You’ll never go hungry or thirsty here. Also, room service is complimentary since this is an all inclusive resort. Needless to say, we took advantage of being lazy and sitting on our patio while dining for breakfast or late night munchies!

They had champagne set up in our room for John’s birthday 🙂

One Spa at The Finest

There truly is nothing better than a nice relaxing day at the spa. The One Spa was everything you’d ever want out of a spa – and then some.

On our first day, I gifted John with a couples massage on the beach for his birthday. We walked from our room to the spa to meet with our spa technicians who would later walk us to the beach.

Upon arrival, you are greeted by spa staff dressed in all white. They offer you a cold glass of cucumber water or champagne. The spa is large, spectacular and modern. It is a stand alone building with two stories. There is a sitting area in the main lobby underneath a large concrete spiral staircase and a second sitting area next to the hydrotherapy pool.


Immediately following the massage we decided to participate in the hydrotherapy session. Our spa guide walked us through a series of water involved activities which included walking through a pool of cold water and dipping our head under the water, followed by a pool of hot water. We did this three times.

We also sat in a large steam room where our spa guide dumped a large bowl of ice water on my head. Yes – I screamed in this moment! As ironic as it may sound, it actually felt really good after it was done and there’s extensive research behind exposing your body to hot and cold water.

After this breathtaking moment, we went through a series of pool massage therapies similar to the ones I’ve experienced at Spa Casta in Carrolton. The therapy ends with a ten-minute neck massage.

Two days later, I had a major sunburn and we came back to get an aloe vera wrap for me and a second massage for John. Afterward, we were lead to a large open white room on the second floor with several beds that rock slowly from left to right. They brought us a glass of champagne and we listened to the calming spa music in our robes until we were ready to depart (which for me was never!)

Cold and hot pool 🙂

Food, Beach, Pool & Entertainment

A few notes on the amenities at this resort:


Sometimes all inclusive resorts don’t offer the best quality when it comes to the food, but this resort had the most delicious and fresh food compared to any other all inclusive I’ve stayed at. I would give the food a 4 out of 5.

The alcohol was flowing yet somehow we never felt hungover. We heard another couple in the lobby asking the bartender why they didn’t get hungover here as they did in the states. There was no real scientific explanation behind it. 🙂 In summary, Mexico truly is a magical place! We also left with a new love for Anejo tequila after sampling several types and brands. Anejo means extra aged, or aged for one year or longer. It is smooth, tastes good and we didn’t feel a hangover effect.


The beach had soft white sand and the water was a pretty blue turquoise. However, we didn’t swim much because of the seaweed. I’m not sure if they have seaweed all year round, but it definitely didn’t affect our ability to relax and enjoy our stay. To be honest, we barely noticed it!


The pools here were incredible! There were adult only pools that were perfect for couples without children and kept the atmosphere relaxing if you need peace and quiet to relax. The swim up bar at the large pool was shaded which was perfect for sunburned folks (like me!). There were smaller pools that had swim up access to some rooms with hammocks.


We loved hanging out at this resort. Our two favorite memories were the Michael Jackson show and the piano bar. The dancers were seriously on point and we were singing and dancing the whole time! At the piano bar we met several couples closer to our age. On some nights they have karaoke so naturally I got up and sang!

A bottle of champagne a day keeps the doctor away.

Sunset on Day 1.


If you have any questions about the resort or traveling to Playa Mujeres, feel free to comment below or email me directly! I highly recommend The Finest in Playa Mujeres, and we will be making our way back to this peaceful resort in the near future. Cheers!