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Are you planning to go to the beach this spring or summer? My favorite type of vacation is heading to the beach to unwind, soak up some sun and sip on some margs.

Between Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Florida, and California, I’ve been on too many beach trips to count. Today I’m sharing what I’ve found to be some “must do’s” when prepping for a beach trip!

Get A Spray Tan

It might sound counterintuitive, but if you’re like me and not trying to get skin cancer by 40, I suggest investing in a spray tan and showing up to the beach already bronzed and beautiful.

You may have seen on my Instagram stories how much a spray tan positively influences my mood. It’s like magic.

In my younger years, I’d plan to get an amazing tan after a week at the beach. The reason this isn’t totally ideal anymore: A) the sun is extremely damaging B) tan lines and C) sunburn.

You want to look amazing in your photos from day one – and that’s why I strongly suggest showing up at the beach already bronzed!

I currently love getting a Versa tan at Palm Beach. I just signed up for their $15/month plan and may upgrade to unlimited once I start spraying consistently.

If you want a DIY option, I highly recommend this at home tanning product. I LOVE the tone and it’s super easy to apply.

Plan Your Outfits

Many of us find that a beach vacation means time to invest in a few new fun outfits! I suggest first pulling everything out of your closet and drawers that would be acceptable for the beach.

Swimsuits, shorts, skirts, dresses, tanks, hats, wedges and sandals. Lay everything on your bed and start to pair outfits.

After you dig through your current closet, only shop for the pieces or staples you are missing. I always do this because I’ve been known to buy something I already own simply because I completely forgot about it.

Plus, planning your outfits will make your days much easier. You already have several paired outfits to choose from vs trying to pair things up once you get there!

Bring SPF for Body AND Face

No matter how many times I’ve been to the beach, I tend to have those trips every few years where I completely scorch myself. When we were in Playa Mujeres 2 years ago, my sunburn was so bad that I got heat bubbles on my arm. It was absolutely horrible!!!

This is why I HIGHLY recommend bringing not just one, but 2-3 different types of SPF preferably 50 or higher.

And don’t forget about that beautiful face of yours – I love using this SPF for my face and this SPF lip balm for my lips.

It’s also fun to wear a hat on the beach to really protect that face. The only times I find this challenging is when it’s super windy outside.

Build A Playlist On Spotify

Sometimes I forget to do this – but when you don’t forget, it’s SO much fun to listen to your favorite poolside or beachside jams without having to hassle with your phone for 10-15 minutes trying to find good songs.

I have been a dedicated Spotify user since 2015 and have created several playlists. Listen to one of my favorite beach playlists here!

Bring A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Aside from making sure you have your favorite beer or tequila on deck, you also have to make sure you can relax by enjoying your favorite music.

Bring a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for the pool or beach. My favorite is this one and it’s lasted me 5 years so far! It still works perfectly and easily charges overnight. 

I hope this list inspires you and gets you excited about your next beach or lake trip! What do you do to prepare for a water-filled vacation? Until next time, XXXO ~Mary