Our stay at Nizuc Resort & Spa was a dream come true. It truly is the perfect resort to visit if you’re looking to slow down for a while and immerse yourself in a luxurious travel experience. Each one of the six restaurants on the property feature meals planned and prepared by award-winning chefs.

My favorite moments included a tequila flight tasting paired with the perfect fruit and treat, a complimentary snorkeling excursion on a boat just off the shore of our beach, and the most amazing spa with an exceptional aqua therapy experience.

#Candid Moment

We stayed for 6 nights and 7 days. Truthfully, we would have been just as happy if we had stayed one less night. I think it had to do with the time of year we went. April for both of us is a busy time at work and we had a harder time disconnecting on this trip. There’s always next time! 😉

I worked every day, which I usually NEVER do on vacation, but I truly had to for reasons I’ll eventually share with ya’ll! To clarify – I am a HUGE advocate for disconnecting, taking a break, and recharging your energy and soul at least once a quarter. Even if it’s just for one weekend. My productivity skyrockets after a relaxing break. It is ESSENTIAL to give your mind and body a period of rest.

But no one’s perfect, including me, and this time I fell short in allowing myself to fully focus on relaxing. It didn’t take away from the fact that it was a beautiful trip and we have said it may be the only resort in Mexico we’ll visit repeatedly.

Today I’m sharing a photo journey of our trip so you can see how beautiful this resort was, along with some summer vacation outfit ideas! 😉

Nizuc Spa & Resort – The Hotel

The lobby when you first walk in has tall doors that open up to gorgeous landscaping and the ocean.

Nizuc Spa & Resort – Restaurants & Food

Poolside and beachside dining has so many delicious options from tacos, nachos, burgers, chicken fingers, etc.. *I don’t deprive myself on vacations, that’s for sure.*

The mahi-mahi tacos are so delicious. That coleslaw topping was so freaking good.

Margaritas at La Punta Grill & Lounge

Lunch at Bar A-Kan.

Hands down, the best drink at the resort was called the Cherry Rose. It had ginger ale, cranberry juice, simple syrup, lime juice, blackberries & raspberries. you could order with or without vodka. No lie, I ordered this virgin a couple of times because I loved it so much.

Breakfast in the courtyard of Cafe De La Playa. *Tip* – there’s a breakfast buffet every morning at the Cafe which is what we noticed most people got, but they do have a separate menu if you ask for it.

I ordered the scrambled egg most days, which came with bacon, hashbrown and toast. It’s plenty of food and a fraction of the cost of the buffet.

Once a week, the Havana Lounge hosts a tequila tasting. Our favorite was the anejo. They pair the tasting with a small bite and a specific salt. This was one of my favorite activities!

La Punta Grill & Lounge in the evening, the ocean just steps to the right. You can sit in your booth with your doors open to see the ocean, or shut for intimacy.

La Punta Grill & Lounge

Bar A-Kan beautiful architecture throughout.

Terra Nostra Mediterranean restaurant. Fun fact: I spilled my wine glass and my red wine got all over the table cloth and John’s white linen pants. The server was so sweet to move our table and assure me everything was okay. #RookieMove

Terra Nostra – Manzo Carpaccio – thin slices of angus beef tenderloin, arugula, parmesan cheese, truffle oil and cipriani sauce.

Orange, pineapple, and mango to pair with the tequila flights.

Ramona – a contemporary interpretation of Mexican cuisine served in a spectacluar setting. This dish was a unique chicken entree- Chicken with Poblano Mole Sauce and Mexican Rice.

Another beautiful image from Ramona.

Resort Wear – Summer 2019

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