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This photo was taken 4 hours before the storm that surprised Dallas. I’d be lying if I said I’m a “cool girl”. You know, the girl I tried to be in my younger 20s, the one who doesn’t let shit get to her, the one who can handle anything and handles life like a champ and has not a single worry or negative thought, like ever.

This week has been a nightmare for my type A, fail to plan/plan to fail personality. I was not so cool – both mentally, and physically (no power = no A/C).

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Sunday was the first time I’ve ever been genuinely afraid/worried about surviving a storm. For starters, we weren’t expecting any sort of rain fall until later on in the evening.

It was 1 PM when I walked outside of Central Market on what I thought was an otherwise beautiful day to total chaos. People were running, shopping carts were flying into the intersection, cars were blowing in between lanes, tree branches and debris were flying straight up into the air.

Luckily, I made it home from grocery shopping after driving like a bat out of hell, only to find our power was already out, my boyfriend had the dog in the bathroom and rushed me in there as well since lightning was going straight to the ground and it felt like a tornado was coming.

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The storm passed almost as quickly as it arrived, but never did I expect to be displaced from our home for 6 days with no guarantee we’ll be able to return anytime soon. ***and yes I’ve already thanked God that we are safe/not injured.****

#CandidMoment: This week has been a struggle for me bc of the uncertainty of when our power will come back on. We’ve been shuffling around DFW staying with family (thankful for them 🙏🏻) in hopes we can go home the following day. First Oncor said it would be Tues, then Wed, then Thurs, and now they’re saying Fri before we can return.

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Hopefully (when my serotonin levels go back to normal) I’ll be able to say how thankful I am for getting through it. For now, I’m in survival mode trying my best to not let this derail my day. 🍑 this skirt is currently at H&M but it’s not online, however I linked a few similar ones! For longer skirts, I suggest there be a slit on the side to help elongate the leg (and avoid the stumpy look 🙋🏼‍♀️). Pair with a cute crop top or body suit for a v flattering ensemble 💕

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RECENT UPDATE: 6.13 the power is ON as of 12 PM. Praise the Lord for the workers, electricity and air conditioning.