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Staying in shape over the summer has always been important to me. This includes being more conscious of the food I’m eating and working out more regularly.

I follow many motivational fitness bloggers and influencers on social media who promote working out and healthy lifestyles as motivation. It has helped me learn the different types of workouts and diets available, and let me tell you, I’ve probably tried them all.

One thing many people don’t talk about is how it’s easy for the normal working person (me) to set “intentions” to have this super intense, dedicated, 7 days a week fitness routine.

But when life happens, and the reality of your day falls into your lap, meeting these over-zealous workout goals can be nearly impossible.

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Even the idea of working out “just 20-30 minutes a day, every day” is sometimes unreasonable. I have a job, I’m an entrepreneur, I’m building a brand, I volunteer, && on top of that, now I’m going to be planning a wedding.

Long story short, we ALL have a lot on our plates and trust me, girl, I want to be fit as the next chick does. But I’m not a fitness blogger or personal trainer, and it is not a job requirement to have a six pack (as much as I would love one) and I am here to give us all permission that it’s okay.

I used to feel really bad about myself and beat myself up over the fact that I couldn’t commit to a daily or even stick to a weekly routine every single month, year over year. Especially after watching people on social media day after day, week after week, meeting these insane fitness goals.

But now that I’m more comfortable in my skin, I’m here to tell you it is okay if you fall off and if you face different seasons with your workouts. That’s why I’m sharing what I call each of my workout “cycles” I rotate between depending on my week or month.

Cycle 1: Intense/Weight Loss Cycle

This workout plan is when I’m at my peak – I’m ready to drop a few pounds, prepare for an event or vacation, or I just really have that time to carve out and give it my all. I can commit to 5-7 workouts per week during this season. Typically I can do this for about a one-month time frame, 2-3 times year. This is NOT my norm, but it’s something that I’ll do to really get myself back into shape.

Cycle 2: Maintenance Cycle

I try and stick to this cycle the majority of the year. I’d say I do this most months, 75% of the time. I love using The Fitt Cycle when I’m really needing some accountability, and I also love using the Aaptiv workout app on my phone for both gym and at home workouts. Committing to 4 workouts per week makes me feel and look my strongest without overdoing it and killing myself.

Cycle 3: Busy AF Cycle

There are always going to be weeks or seasons where things get out of control, I’m slammed, super busy, or maybe just super stressed and anxious. That’s when I just try and commit to 3 workouts per week. Sometimes it can be simple classes like yoga or barre, maybe a 30-45 minute walk, and I allow myself to take the time to rest.

Other moments I stick to this routine is after getting back from a trip, usually, I have a lot of catching up to do, organizing and getting back on routine. Working out is something I love to do, but it’s just as much a mental thing as it is a physical thing, so sometimes I have to give my mind some space to get back in it’s rhythm before putting all this pressure on myself to fit my normal workout routine into my schedule.

The Reality of Fitness

Working out is meant to keep you strong both mentally and physically, and I’m a huge advocate for it. But the reality is, 80% of staying in shape and maintaining a healthy weight is about what we eat. So as much as I’d love to workout 5-7 times per week, I’ve learned that during those weeks I can’t commit as much time to it, I can manage my weight and mental clarity in other ways.

That’s where I am more conscious of my eating and drinking habits, and I make a stronger effort to not binge on sweets or late night snacks. #Guilty I eat fewer carbs and try to avoid sugars and gluten.

If I do find myself in a workout slump, I lean on the Advocare products I talked about in this post to get me through. I always take pre-workout and bcaas to help support my body during and after workouts.

I hope this provides some relief to anyone who’s like me and used to think you were a total failure when it comes to working out. Having “seasons” or “cycles” where you are more active than others is totally fine and totally normal. What’s your favorite routine to stick to, that keeps you feeling your best?