We survived 2020 – and now it’s time to spoil ourselves and our friends with some killer gifts! If you’re like me, you might be a sucker for a good deal. That’s why I can’t help myself on Black Friday. Especially when I find a good deal on a product I use daily.

I didn’t want to call this post a “Gift Guide” because it’s truly SO much more than that!! After YEARS of trial and error, buying the “trendy” products while continually trying new ones, this collection has been genuinely vetted by yours truly.

Every single one of these products is a STAPLE in my beauty regimen, and I ain’t easy to please.

Bonus: you’ll save so much this week, you can gift your friends double.. OR get one for them and take one home for you! Here are my top picks:

  1. Roller Lash Mascara – $25 ($38 value) – I get asked if my eyelashes are fake often, so this one I had to include on the list! This mascara is my all-time favorite and it does everything I need it to: volumizes, lifts, and curls those lashes.
  2. Tula Face Cleanser – $15 ($28 value) – I started using Tula a few years ago as my skin started to go from oily to combo – dry on the cheeks/forehead and oily on the T-zone. This cleanser is SO gentle – excellent for daily use – and has probiotics which are AMAZING for the skin. Try the Tula 24-7 moisturizer to go with it – I love the creamy texture, it’s the perfect amount of soft without being too thick.
  3. Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil Mini – Drunk Elephant oil mini – $40 – this product is AMAZING for the winter. I use it after I put moisturizer on when I’m feeling extra dry. My favorite way to use it is at night, after washing off all my make up, exfoliating and moisturizing, adding 1-2 drops and sleeping in it. It’s truly a dream.
  4. Ginger Soufflé Body Lotion – Origins – $26 ($38 value) – you don’t know what you’re missing until you try this body lotion. It smells like a spa in a bottle and it goes on so clean and smooth. I also love Bath & Body Works for a more budget friendly option, but Origins is my fave and they only go on sale once a year!
  5. Make-Up Eraser Cloth – $14 ($20 Value) – this is the easiest + best gift to give any woman who wears make up. Seriousy. I’ve pretty much gifted all my friends this make up cloth because I’m obsessed. All you do is soak it in hot water, gently rub over eyes then face, and your make up comes off SO quickly and easily. Better than any make up removing oil I’ve tried.
  6. Hot Tools Curling Iron – 1 & 1/4” – $25 ($50 Value) – unless you curl your hair every single day, I don’t think we need a $100-$200 turbo curling iron that will get used maybe once or twice a week. Plus, my hair is board straight, so I need a HOT iron to make it curl. I’ve always been a fan of Hot Tools and their irons are 50% off this week! I love the 1.25″ and 1.5″ for loose beach waves. Just don’t forget your heat protectant spray, it’s a game-changer 😉
  7. Naked Palettes HEAT | CHERRY | HONEY – $25 ($50 value) the best eye palette out there. I have 3 of these and just bought the Heat. I love the brush that comes with it and to be honest one of these would last me YEARS. 2 of the 3 I currently have are from college years….AKA 2014 and prior. Love and they don’t get old.
  8. Chi Flat Iron – $59 ($99 Value) – so I strayed from the CHI flat iron to the T3 and I HATED it and will NEVER stray again. I’ve been using CHI since literally 7th grade and it works amazing on my thick straight hair. I use it mostly to curl my hair actually. This is a great deal if you are in need of a new flat iron!
  9. Grande Lash & Brow Set – $49 – this is a great opportunity to cave on all the rage, and buy the damn eyelash enhancing serum. It’s a 6 week supply so you don’t have to invest $100+ to be let down. And this is the brand that WORKS ya’ll.
  10. ZO Skin Health – Daily Skincare Program Starter Kit (4 piece) – $124 – I was introduced to this skincare line at a plastic surgery trade show years ago when I was in medical sales. To this day, it is my absolute favorite skincare line for getting your skin healthy. If you’re starting to feel dull, dirty and/or have problem areas, this line is INCREDIBLE. I don’t use it daily because I love my Tula, but if I had all the money in the world, I would exclusively only use ZO.

I hope ya’ll have so much fun shopping and finding amazing deals! If you snag any of these items, be sure to share on your stories and tag me @thecandidmillennial for a special surprise!