Strong women.

Independent women.

Successful women.

You’ve likely found yourself leading in all areas of your life: you lead at work, at home, at church, in your family, and/or in your friend circles.

We’re a little misunderstood at times. We’re a little passionate at times. We’re a little messy at times.

During some seasons, or for some of us all seasons, we’ve had to rely on our masculine side to simply flourish and survive.

But underneath that rough exterior is the most beautiful, soft, kind, loving soul. Women are designed to feel, to nurture and to love.

It’s this softness that gets harder each and every time her feelings are ignored.

The hardness builds each time she’s not seen, not heard, or abandoned.

But I’d like to remind you something that’s been on my heart as I’ve been praying for strength during times I’ve felt weak.

Strong women deserve and need love too. Strong women should be given more grace than most think they deserve. Strong women need support.

Never apologize for who God created you to be. Leadership – no matter what category – is lonely. It’s misunderstood. But it’s only meant for the ones with the most courage and biggest hearts, so never forget that. You are perfect just the way you are and exactly where you are supposed to be. When you feel tired, lean on God. His love is enough and He says You are Enough. 💗